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Vaughan waterjet facilities Waterjet machineries are able to achieve amazing results while using something simple as water. Water by itself is a very simple substance which we would never consider as a destructive force. How much damage can a cup of water possibly do? Adding mass or energy quickly changes this train of thought. One cup is nothing but having tons of water dropped on you will be devastating to say the least. If the water is boiling, even a single cup will be very dangerous to you.
Waterjets are similar to this concept. Water is simply a medium which can deliver phenomenal amount of force. This massive force is created by creating extremely high pressure on a single point. When you turn on your water tap, you will have hard time trying to stop the water by plugging the faucet with your hands. The pressure is simply too great for you to easily block the stream of water. Imagine similar concept but much higher pressure. Water will be able to break through the material it hits if the pressure is strong enough, which is the main concept waterjets utilize.
There are many variables in play when it comes to waterjet machinery. Some waterjet machinery will only be able to cut through wood, plastic and other solid but relatively soft material while some waterjets are able to cut through stones and even metal. Below are the variables which can affect the waterjet process.
Water Pressure: Water pressure can be one of the main variables which set these waterjet equipments apart. Higher pressure means stronger waterjet which can cut through stronger materials.
Abrasive Materials: Don't let the name waterjet fool you. Water isn't the only material waterjets use. Waterjet machinery can mix water with abrasive materials (such as garnet) to penetrate tougher materials.
Time: Speed of a waterjet machine can be a significant variable. Slower waterjet cutting process will usually net a cleaner cut when you compare the results of an identical machine which went through a quicker cutting process.
Temperature: This is one of the advantages of a waterjet cutting machine when compared to other cutting methods. Waterjet cutting produces no heat, which means temperature sensitive materials will not be negatively affected by the cutting process. Waterjet cutting also requires no breaks in between since there is no overheating of the cutting mechanism.
Waterjet machines are able to offer cutting edge solutions by controlling all the above variables. Waterjets can be as gentle as you need it to be and they can be as strong as you need it to be. Waterjet cutting is an efficient cutting process which can cater towards various needs of almost any industry out there. For example, waterjet machinery can be delicate enough to craft finest wooden toys for children. Waterjets can be strong enough to cut through metals to fabricate heavy machinery parts.
Ever since its inception, waterjet has quickly become a industry standard when it came to cutting. Regardless of the material or the size of the project, waterjet facilities are able to handle the job at hand with great efficiency and no sacrifice to results.
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